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Haifa Wehbe daughter photo her name is Zainab
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Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe photo during the live talk show Il Maesto on LBC lebanon TV channel on September 17th 2009 4Haifa Wehbe photo during the live talk show Il Maesto on LBC lebanon TV channel on September 17th 2009 3Haifa Wehbe daughter photo her name is ZainabHaifa Wehbe old picture before becoming a singer and before plastic surgery face photo wearing dark sungalssesHaifa Wehbe old picture before becoming a singer and before plastic surgery wearing a black bikini on the beach
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*Anna2013-02-14 20:41:17 - 52125
I think if Zaynab's Father was as he claims, a good middle eastern husband, which u can rarely find , Haifa would never leave him in the first place and he would let the daughter to communicate with her mother like all the open minded civilized fathers of the world . but thats a pity ... CUZ HE IS NOT SO ! And thats why a woman who doesnt want to be a slave to these kinds of people, wouldnt have a chance other than dumping them and leave everything behind . LOOK ! The man took away her only precious thing from her . That explains everything .
*Dee2012-12-06 06:20:56 - 52098
Haifa as a Mother
A mother is the source if unconditional selfless love. A mother is a symbol of dedication and sacrifice. Haifa made her choice to desert her own daughter and run away while the daughter needed her the most. Haifa ran away from Africa to Beirut choosing to go for beauty contests and clubbing every night drinking and belly dancing. I recall her telling the audience in the beauty contest "don't you want a NEw Gorgina reiki?" She even denied that she is married or have a daughter. How deceitful and stupid. Zainab is blessed to be raised away of her biological mom. We don't want haifa to copy her own mothers behavior and raise up her daughter the same wy she was raised. Stainable has a decent loving dad, and for those who think middle eastern men oppress their women, please go educate yourselves. How foolish. I pray Allah will reward Zainab who definitely lives in deep internal pain as she never felt the warmth and safety of mother love. A love that nothing and no one can replace.
*shaymae2012-09-26 15:44:07 - 52066
esstorna ya raba alalamen
mashaellah el bent masstora welom makshofa asstarfer allah tobe lerabek ya hayfa wessalhe aalaktek maa bentek tara ma nedre kam bake lena men alomer attmana men kol kalbe ladayaaen wakt akter we hdone bentek
lupita2012-09-17 00:24:22 - 52061
About Haifa Wehbe's daughter
Im totally agreed with Eliane.Who cares about the surgeries she's done to her?She looks fantastic!!!She is a versatil and beautiful singer.Her daughter under the father's command,she feels he is totally over her,like she doesnt know to take her own decisions.Only a mother understands how painful it is when her daughter was taken away from her.You guys only criticize her(Haifa W.),but you dont understand her suffering.U better shut up, because haifa is a modern, open mind amd succesful woman.She is a very gd muslim.
*nancy2012-05-09 05:24:21 - 52011
haifa shd be ashamed frm hrself beside haifa got i dont kno hw many plastic surgery nose chin cheeks breast tummy butt etc... U forgot haifa when u used to work as....for only50$? And sh s 48 so stop changing ur voice and pretend beeing th cute gl..u r NOT
*SYRIAN2011-01-27 13:23:09 - 51643
*skfhkjdf2010-07-19 09:26:31 - 51338
i think she is very good if we want to compare her with her mom :) moreover t think he is veryy embarrased
*bvnhfgh2010-06-23 10:21:09 - 51218
i think that her daught is alhamdurallah good and the photo actually shows the difference. Hehehehehehe
this world is so weord these days.
*Egyptian2010-05-02 21:24:38 - 51002
she needs to be with her mother
she needs to be with her mother and may be she could chaange her mother to be better and to fear from God
*natali2010-02-15 15:22:32 - 50636
ba3ti2id ino zainab lazim tkoon ma3 2ima ww inoo haifa lazim torfa3 da3wit 7adanni wlamma ttinsa2al 3an mawdoo3 bintta tjeewib ww twaddih lala kil le hiyyi b3eeddi 3anna
*silvana mak2010-02-11 02:00:07 - 50604
she's cute
She needs to be with her mother and learn to be more open , of course the father is jerk took her forcely from her mother totally middle eastern man are in control, I feel sorry for her ,she's not enjoyng to be with her daughter, she's soso brainwashed from the jerk , he's going to tell her lies about her mother and she's going to believe him ,he's control, freak. Haifa is amazing beautiful, talented smart, he's totally jealous of her success, the best revenge for her , is keep succeceding and you will kill him slowly but surely . Go girl you rock, love you ,Oh see you in Las Vegas March 6
*eliane2010-01-22 16:41:30 - 50545
7elwe btechbah haifa hiye w z5ire


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